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The kitchen is the heart of the home. This is the place where the family meets, guests jump in to help prepare for the gathering, and love is spread. All humans depend on nourishment and love, and food provides both.

At Evergreen, we understand that all of this is vital and that sometimes this space needs upgrading. We work closely with you and our designers to collaborate your vision with logistics and provide a space where love can be plated and served. 

Here is a brief overview of what we can do.

  • Work with you to create a new design.
  • Find a budget and build within that budget.
  • Electrical - Rough-in new wire and circuits as needed and trim out to new design specs.
  • Plumbing - Reconfigure plumbing rough to fit new design and trim out to new finishes.
  • Ventilation - Update range hood and add any new ventilation.
  • Cabinets - Reface, refinish, or install new.
  • Countertops - Install new or refinish existing.
  • Islands - Build any designed islands.
  • Windows - Install or update windows to new design plans.
  • Floor - Install new or refinish existing.

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