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When you contact Evergreen we are quick to arrange an on-site meeting for you to become familiar with the people you will be working with, and so we can learn more about the project. We take the time to sit with you and outline the process from the beginning of design, through the permitting and development phases.

It is imperative that our customers understand how the construction process will unfold and how our team will be involved in your everyday life. Evergreen is there with you from start to finish to help you build your dream with a minimalist approach.

From the first meeting through the final punch list, Evergreen works to keep cost down, stay on schedule and maintain a clean and orderly jobsite.


  • Set an appointment for John to do an onsite walk through.
  • Have telephone and site meetings to go over selections and design changes to assure we create a proper estimate.
  • Sit down and work through estimated scope of work and contract to make any changes before moving forward with a mobilization date.
  • Create a realistic timeline with projected start/complete dates.
  • Set aside time for weekly walk through meetings to go over the project.

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